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Program Categories


Art and Culture

Looking to get creative? These creative programs will support you to explore your skills, build social skills and engage in your community!
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Community Participation

Want to see what your community has to offer? These programs will support you to engage with your local community in various ways!
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Employability Skills

Looking to build your work skills? These programs will help you to build your employability skills such as communisation, self-management, resume writing and more!
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Health and Wellbeing

Being healthy is key to being happy! These programs will improve your awareness of personal health, mental health, hygiene and healthy eating!
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Life Skills

These programs will allow you to develop life skills to encourage independence, skills like travel, budgeting, cooking and so much more!
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Vocational Training

Looking for the perfect job? Or just want to get your foot in the door? These programs will support you in finding employment is your desired
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