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Stepping Forward to Independence

Stepping Forward to Independence is for young people with a permanent cognitive impairment or intellectual disability.

Participants will complete 22302VIC Certificate I in Work Education on Mondays and Wednesdays where the focus will be on:

  • identifying work goals and testing these in practical placements
  • exploring training and education pathways to jobs
  • developing employability skills
  • improving literacy and numeracy skills

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, participants focus on Life Skills and Health & Well-being Skills to support transition to a more independent, adult life.

Adult Reading & Writing for Everyday Use

Literacy and numeracy skills for people with a disability. You will develop skills to read aloud to other people, fill in simple forms, reading newspapers, reading your mobile phone and numeracy skills for shopping.

Better Reading & Writing

A program for adult learners that focuses on basic literacy. It gives learners structure, direction and the development of reading, writing, numeracy and learning skills. Employment pathways will be specific according to individual choices. The course is delivered over 20 weeks – 6 hours per weeks.

Independence Building: Skills for Life as an Adult Learner

Balancing adulthood and study can be hard! Lucky this program is here to help you to learn how to budget, make the most of Centrelink and the NDIS and understand how to read bills and invoices. Build skills in time management for work and home life, travel training, and understanding the rental market.

Kitchen Operations for Life and Work

Let’s get cooking! This program will support you to understand how to budget, menu plan, shop, cook for yourself and prepare for work in the hospitality industry. You will learn basic OHS risks in the kitchen and how to manage them, how to follow basic recipes for healthy eating and cultural origins of meals.

Cooking in the Kitchen and Art

Cooking and art for people with a disability. This 2-part program gives participants a practical, sensory, hands-on opportunity to create scrumptious, healthy meals together. The second half of the session includes sketching, painting and visual arts.

Introduction to Computers

Learners will use Microsoft  Office  and internet explorer to learn basic skills in Word to create documents, and learn how to send emails.. Students will gain an understanding of the Health & Safety issues when using a computer and of the workplace. Students will  complete  tasks such as creating a to-do list, a flyer and some basic letters.

Introduction to Horticulture

Consider yourself to have a green thumb or do you just want to learn some tips and tricks of gardening? This program will help you to learn how to identify plants, plant seeds, treat weeds and harvest produce in a supported environment! Then explore employment opportunities in the horticulture industry and pathways to these opportunities!

Developing Work Skills – Short Course

A program for supported employees, who mainly have an Intellectual Disability (ID), who need to improve their employability skills in order to make a career transition. The course is delivered over 10 weeks – 3 hours per week.

Digital Literacy and Cyber Safety

Using a computer can be a little tricky sometimes! This program will help you learn how to use a computer and the internet to their full potential! You will get to learn how to use Microsoft word, email accounts and MyGov, learn how to protect yourself from online scams, and how to access social media safely.

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