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Health and Wellbeing

Being healthy is key to being happy! These programs will improve your awareness of personal health, mental health, hygiene and healthy eating!

Introduction to Horticulture

Consider yourself to have a green thumb or do you just want to learn some tips and tricks of gardening? This program will help you to learn how to identify plants, plant seeds, treat weeds and harvest produce in a supported environment! Then explore employment opportunities in the horticulture industry and pathways to these opportunities!

Laverton Community Education Centre
Preparing Yourself for Success in Work and Further Study

Prepare yourself to the next step towards study or employment! This program will teach you how to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace or in further study, including how to manage stressful situations and overall sexual health. You will also learn how to identify and access support services to help you maintain your physical and mental health while still being engaged in work or study.

Laverton Community Education Centre
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